Frequently Asked Questions


MACRA has established Muuni fund under section 6 (2)(g) which encourages the introduction of new technology and communications services in accordance with recognized international standards and applicable international law and section 6(2)(f) of the Communications Act 2016 which requires the Authority to promote research and development in communications services.

NO, Muuni is a chichewa word which means handheld torch which uses fire to light the footpath.

It is a competition that will later incubate the ideas that have been presented. Successful applications will go through district evaluations, regional evaluations and National evaluation.

Yes, everyone is encouraged to apply.

As the financial year of 2023/24 the projects’ pilot year, the main areas will remain the 5; Agriculture, Health, Education, ICT and Banking and financial services. Any other areas will be reviewed as the projects progress and will be announced accordingly.


Funds will be given to successful innovators after National evaluation level.

When innovations successfully reach the product level, the money generated from those products will go to the innovators or the entities involved in the innovation process.

There will be a framework for monitoring beneficiaries of the Muuni fund.

Application Process and criteria

At any stage of the innovation, one may apply, including from the first step, which is the creation of the idea or if a prototype is available.

No, but those with a prototype are free to provide one when applying.

Yes we will have a proposal template.

No, one application per applicant.

No, one application per applicant.

This Fund is open to all Malawians, with or without qualifications.

In the area/district they are staying in as their idea may be highly based on where they currently are.

There are no restrictions as the quality of the work applied will significantly matter.

No. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement.

No, With the same innovation .Yes, With a different innovation

Terms and conditions

Open to everyone.


Both ideas are welcome.

No, there is no predetermined standard set. We will however look at the uniqueness, potential impact, feasibility, and relevance to the Malawian setting.

Small businesses and individuals in the industry are also very welcomed to apply. The category is inclusive regardless of the size.


No, the innovator has full ownership of the innovation.

If the idea has successfully passed the district and regional level, the Fund may suggest pairing the applicants.However, if the applicants refuse, they will compete alongside each other and the successful applicant will be funded.

The cycle will run for a year. The evaluation should be narrowed to 2/3 months so that the incubation process can begin in preparation for the national competition.Research will be limited to 2 years to ensure that the cycle isn’t running for too long so other.


About 40-45 days after successful application.

The USSD is free to all.

-Yes, dial *344# to learn more and to register.