Lilongwe City Council


System for tracking forestry cover in the City

Banking & Finance

1. Linkages of land management systems between departments and Data cleaning (SVR).. 2. Development of a system for timely reminders for various payments e.g City rates, licenses


Need for systems to improve absenteeism and management of teachers (training rosters and duty rosters)


Establish Green house energy conversion.

Underutilisation of City clinics by the public, A system to show where there are Clinics and services being offered.

Ict And Digital Services

Automation of record keeping

1. System to monitor economic improvement of the City residents.. 2. Link biometric system with payroll.. 3. Database for Monitoring and evaluation e.g generating monthly reports and annual report

Lilongwe City Council

  • Region: CENTRAL
  • Address: P.O. Box 30396