MZUZU City Council


Smart agricultural solutions

Banking & Finance

Using IOT to manage vendors for inclusivity and compliance.


ICT solutions to addressing the issues of real time data for decision, teaching spaces, and modes that enhance learning.


smart waste management technologies.

To improve efficiency in collection and management. Some of the solutions could be using smart bins, digitize collection routes and tracking on waste collection. Explore the use of tools such as I-Tree canopy and landscape classify land and tree cover given area by using random sampling of aerial imagery.

Ict And Digital Services

Urban development.

Develop an Urban Observatory to generate awareness on urban issues and improve general accountability of decision makers. The tool could provide a monitoring system that can help collate, analyze and translate data into simple-to-understand information for policies and actions.

MZUZU City Council

  • Region: NORTH
  • Address: Post Office Box 1