Establishment of a digital mobile application as platform for sharing or dissemination of timely agriculture information to the farming community. The platform will make information accessible covering the whole spectrum of value chain activities, from new technologies released by research, AIP programmes and market information.

Banking & Finance

Introduction of an E-ticketing system that can be interfaced with Council systems for live monitoring of the operations in all market establishments.


Establish Data Management Information Systems Database that will link school, district and National (EMIS) database. Create; • School Record Management System (SRMS) • District Education Management System - Creating a link with: 1. EMIS 2. MANEB Web Portal 3. Real Time Data Management (RTDM) 4. HCA Web Portal


Creation of a closed website at District Hospital to facilitate timely receipts of diagnostic patients’ results. This Closed website will serve as a dedicated platform accessible only to authorized healthcare providers within our hospital, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.

Ict And Digital Services

Development of a Digitized Trade and Financial Platform for improved Revenue Collection.


  • Region: SOUTH
  • Address: Private Bag 1