Digitalization of dissemination of agricultural extension and advisory services a) All agriculture resource centers (ARC's) equipped with up-to-date information technologies and efficiency of ARCs b) Adoption rate of improved agriculture technologies by farmers enhanced through use of up-to-date ICT to disseminate agricultural extension and advisory services c) Effectiveness and efficiency of M&E system in agriculture sector enhanced through use of application and gadget's that provide interface between implementation and supervisors d) Data storage and management improved through use of digital data bases

Banking & Finance

Integration of Local Revenue Management Information System with mobile money providers


Digitize recording of daily attendance of both teacher's and learner's. All the data collected at the end of the day will then be submitted and reach the director of education, youth and sports office via the internet.


Digitalization of the immunization program

a) Using child birth registration numbers which track them to parents/guardians in the community for active follow up where need be b) Linked to the district integrated health management information system where the system can raise a red flag once a child is due or late for immunization when the child has come to the hospital for other reasons. d) System to also allow use of small gadget's as phones by the community health workers (HSAs)

Ict And Digital Services

Automation of M&E systems ( tracking budgets along it's activities).


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