Machinga Marketing(advertisement hub) App

The app should allow cooperatives , farmers to log in with NIDs, contacts and location for their produce for selling. - Broadcasting of messages on mobile phones after 24 hours of advertisement loading to attract potential customers for products of Machinga

Banking & Finance

District Levy Payment App

-Preloaded district levies register -Preloaded district register with district business registration numbers -Aging software for auto-generated reminders to clients


Staff attendance Register App

-Preloaded duty stations names, duty station coordinates and employment numbers -Staff will log in using employment numbers to register attendance -The App should compare coordinates of a point of attendance registration and preloaded coordinates to determine presence . If coordinates are within the range of the duty station, it should accept and take a picture and time else the staff is absent and should give him/her an option to write a reason -Staff should log in to sign off -The attendance register details will be uploaded on server (The attendance form should downloaded from the server with all preloaded details)


Machinga Maternal health Access App

The app should sensitise communities on good maternal health practices.

Ict And Digital Services

Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) for mass online CPD courses for teachers and students Recorded approved lessons for best teachers on subject or topic for e-learning in all schools -Uploaded books for teachers and leaners


  • Region: SOUTH
  • Address: Private Bag 1