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Muuni Fund is an ICT Research and Innovation established by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA). The fund is in line with Section 6(2)(f) of the communications Act 2016, which encourages introduction of new technologies and communication services in line with recognized international standards and applicable international law.

The fund has partnered with the 35 local councils through the Ministry of Local Government, Unity, and Culture to create a pool of 144 intervention areas for applicants to select from and apply.

Research in ICT has been envisioned to advance or create new knowledge, which is instrumental in driving innovation, competitiveness, economic performance, and national development. It is also globally recognized that technology development is a catalyst for the socio-economic development of any country, and Malawi is not an exception.

Moreover, the long-term national development agenda, Malawi 2063 (MW2063), recognizes ICT as a driver and a catalyst for socio-economic development with more interventions in research and innovation clearly stipulated in the first 10-years of the Malawi 2063 Implementation Plan (the MIP-1). It is, therefore, crucial to stimulate research and development in ICT as an anchor to economic advancement and development.

The Fund aims to:

  • •Promote the development of research facilities in academic institutions and the industry that will spur basic and applied research.
  • •Contribute to the country's economy and society through product development, increased employment, and improved service delivery.
  • •Facilitate and encourage coordination and knowledge sharing among various research entities and between industry and academia.
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Muuni Fund Unveils Top 70 District Finalists, Paving the Way for Innovation in Malawi

In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and economic development, the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), through the Muuni Fund has unveiled the top 70 district finalists, representing a diverse pool of talent and creativity across all 35 local councils...

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The Muuni Fund successfully conducted a training session on district-level evaluations today, 4th of December, 2023. This follows after the fund called for applications from the general public from the 6th of September to the 6th of October 2023...

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The Muuni Fund Call for Applications occurred between the 6th of September 2023 and the 6th of October 2023 attracted over 2,000 Malawians that showed interest in contributing to the development of Malawi through the ICT Research and Innovation Fund...

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an ICT research & innovation fund that aims to provide seed money to nurture and incubate local innovations across Malawi.

This Fund is open to all Malawians, with or without qualifications.

application dates will be announced soon.

- No, the fund is open to all sectors of the fund's areas of research and innovation as long as there is an element of ICT.


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